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We publish our prices.

We want to manage your expectations about how much we charge for our services.

We’ll always agree with you a written quotation before we start working with you.

Our Services


Yorkshire & Humber

 Facilitation for up to 40 people - 1 Day

 Facilitation for up to 40 people - ½ Day

£900 + VAT

£550 + VAT

£750 + VAT

£450 + VAT

 1 Day On Site Consultancy/Advice

 ½ Day On Site Consultancy/Advice

£600 + VAT

£400 + VAT

£500 + VAT

£300 + VAT

 Consultancy work at Red Vanilla office - 1 Day

 Consultancy work at Red Vanilla office - ½ Day

£375 + VAT

£200 + VAT

We may offer reduced day rates for projects involving several days of facilitation and training.

We also charge 45p per mile plus hotel accommodation (if required).

Group Facilitation:  Training and development workshops, team planning and development days, stakeholder engagement events.  Please note that our Group Facilitation price does not include the cost of designing training and development activities. For new client projects we may also need to charge some design time.