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Improving Customer Experience

Who We Work With

We work with large and small, public and private sector organisations helping them improve their customers’ experience.  

Managing Expectations

Customer Care

We deliver training around customer care, looking at communication skills, rapport building, tone of voice, tone or written communications and body language

Measuring Customer Experience

We talk to teams about measuring their customers’ experience and seeking feedback.

Customer Experience Resources

Red Vanilla Customer Care Self-Assessment

One Page Word Document for individuals and teams to use

The Customer First Standard

The Customer First standard is a national standard  made up of three sections:  Customer Relationships, Marketing and People Development.  The standard has 30 statements. Organisations can seek external accreditation against the standard.


Customer Service Excellence Standard

The Customer Service Excellence standard is another national standard, made up of five criteria:  Customer Insight, Culture of the Organisation,  Information and Access, Delivery and Timeliness & Delivery of Service.  Organisations can seek external accreditation against this standard.


National Occupational Standards for Customer Service

The link below opens up a 296 page PDF containing the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Customer Service.  The NOS cover a very wide range of customer service areas, each broken down into performance criteria.  You can use NOS to help you set standards of behaviour for team members